Sunday night blues

You know when you have just spent the weekend with the person that you love? And then you have to come back to reality.. sucks really! I miss her so much and I cannot wait to do life with her. Circumstances though..

We almost had it and then we forgot to be grateful for how far we had reached. Pandemic hit. We were back to square one – which is living apart after having lived together. Lesson learnt! Never EVER take anything for granted – even if it’s free or easy or seems like it. Nothing is actually free or easy but sometimes, after you have worked really hard and you are in that phase where you are supposed to cherish and savour the fruits of your labour – you forget to do that and you also forget that you are in a better place. You forget to be grateful and then bam! Universe/karma/ nature or whatever you wanna call it, teaches you a lesson!

Be grateful folks. Make a gratitude list tonight. I’ll start myself:

I am grateful for having a roof over my head. I am grateful for having access to food and having the choice to eat whatever it is that I want. I am grateful for my girlfriend, my love, my everything. I am grateful my mum is healthy and well. I am grateful my cat lives a lavish life and is spoiled rotten. I am grateful at the prospects that the future hold – resuming my education. I am also starting a new job soon so I am grateful for that opportunity. I am grateful I get to live. I am grateful for my good health. I am grateful for everything that I have. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

On that note, good night.


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